The IAJGS2020 Conference on Jewish Genealogy Is About to Begin!
From: Dan A. Oren, MD, Program Chair (
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2020 12:42:13 -0700 (PDT)

It is no exaggeration to say that August 10-13 will be the best internet-based worldwide Jewish genealogy conference in history! Of course, this being the first such IAJGS conference means we are still putting the final touches on the conference website <> and we will ask for your patience as all of us (attendees, speakers, computer technicians) learn to use the new and amazing technology that allows us to offer 38 live formal presentations plus 4 follow-up video chat rooms, 74 prerecorded lectures, 3 streaming films (available round the clock), and 40 "Birds of a Feather", "Special Interest Group" and JewishGen Research Division meetings. Almost all of the 38 live formal presentations will also be recorded and available for weeks along with the 74 prerecorded lectures.

The conference is sure to provide useful learning and connecting opportunities for EVERY level of Jewish genealogist. In this newsletter's limited space, there are simply too many outstanding presentations to describe, but I'll take the liberty of giving a "sneak peek" within each category. Among the live presentations, Scott Genzer will be speaking on "Using Facial Recognition Tools to Identify Unnamed Ancestors for Genealogical Research." If you're an Avotaynu reader or you've followed any TV detective show, you can imagine how this is one of the hottest topics in genealogy today! We have four field experts (Karen Franklin, Mark Halpern, Jordan Auslander, and Saul Issroff) who will be running "Better Call Saul" chatrooms to help you break through your most challenging brick walls. Genetics expert Janine Cloud has a comprehensive prerecorded lecture answering the most common and challenging questions that genealogists have about DNA testing. I won't dare to pick a favorite among our three streaming films, but they are each exquisite labors of love, and if you want to stream "Children of the Inquisition," you must register for that one by August 5th at 9:00 pm EDT (New York time). As for SIGs, BOFs, and JewishGen RD meetings, well, we've pretty much got the whole world of Jewish genealogy from Canada to Khashchevatoye covered, so you will surely find a perfect one for you to attend. The challenge will be that you'll probably find a bunch that are perfect or you.

The JewishGen and IAJGS Annual Meetings and the SIG, BOF, and RD sessions are free to all. But registration is mandatory for everyone. Without any travel expenses, this is the most affordable IAJGS conference in decades! Internet access may well allow greater representation from the entire world than ever before in sessions and our video and other forms of chatrooms. More importantly, the breadth of offerings is vast, with an "on-demand" library available at no extra cost to all full conference attendees for up to 60 days following the conference. Your family tree deserves to be upgraded by this conference. It is not too late to join the nearly 1,200 people already signed up to be with us and register at <>.

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