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Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2020 14:29:10 -0700 (PDT)
On 8/4/2020 9:27 PM, Lois Lubin via discuss wrote:
Cannot figure out
1) where is the app you keep talking about?

There will be an email blast going out very soon to everyone registered for the conference with information about the mobile app. It will have a link to a video with detailed instructions.

The quick answer is that the app comes from the app store for your smartphone, either the Google Play Store or the Apple store. The app is called "IAJGS". You can also access the app data through a web browser on just about any device. See

2) where is the list to the prerecorded presentations?

All that information is on the conference website. Look under the PROGRAM tab.

3) How much of the conference can I do without the app?

Everything essential to the conference. The webinars work through a web browser, and, as noted above, you can also use the "app" through a web browser.

-- Jay

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Webmaster, IAJGS 2020 Virtual Conference
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